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Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli Beaded Bracelet, 'Urban Colors'

$28.00 $50.95

Festive colors come together in a cheerful handcrafted bracelet. Knotted by hand, amethyst, lapis lazuli and bright brass beads combine beautifully in Tiraphan Hasub's design.  Free Shipping

Product Measurements: 0.42 oz,  7.5" L x 0.7" W

Product Features:  Amethyst, lapis lazuli, brass, waxed polyester cord, Toggle clasp

 The Artist:  Tiraphan Hasub

My name is Tiraphan Hasub, but everyone calls me by my nickname, Yo, which I got from my parents when I was a child. Yo means a kid who cries a lot, and that's exactly what I used to do then. I was very sensitive to everything, and thus cried a lot.

"I met my husband at university in Bangkok. I worked there for three years after graduating, and then got married. We moved back to Chiang Mai, where he is originally from, and he taught me the art of handcrafts. We now have a workshop and a daughter. People keep telling me that I am a good mother because I manage to combine motherhood and work, and that makes me happy.

"It hasn't always been easy though. It was a great challenge for me to start married life and a different type of work in a place that was foreign to me. It makes me proud to see what I have achieved now. The other challenge I conquered is bungee jumping! 

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